Why Tuition

LawrenceFly fishing is a wonderful sport providing many benefits including health benefits through exercise, being close to nature and even social advantages of meeting like-minded people.

However it can seem daunting to a beginner.

Therefore taking lessons is an investment in yourself.

If you’re a beginner, taking lessons gets your fly casting off to the best possible start. There are some basic principles which once learned can make you a very competent caster. Learning correctly from the start is much easier than unwinding errors which may have been ingrained over a number of years and having to re-learn. With correct instruction you can even start to analyse your own casting and know what you have to do to put things right.

Your instructor also will show you how to do the following:

  • Choose a balanced fly fishing outfit and set up your rod/reel correctly
  • Attach backing/fly line to your reel
  • Make up leaders/droppers and choose flies for different fishing situations
  • Learn the different fishing techniques used on rivers or still waters
  • Release fish using correct catch and release techniques
  • Keep yourself safe whilst on or near water

If you are already fly casting it can be beneficial for an instructor to make sure your technique is sound or make suggestions to improve this if required. You may also be ready to move on to more advanced techniques like double hauling (for distance and control) or Spey Casting with the single handed rod.

So in summary, taking lessons will ensure that your technique is good which means that you can cast with less effort and you can do what you want with the fly rod. Your equipment will be right for you and you will understand techniques to use in different fishing situations.